Re: [NTLK] I'm angry now [again]

From: Robert Benschop (
Date: Sun Jun 08 2003 - 03:12:14 PDT

On Friday, June 6, 2003, at 06:53 AM, Peter Cameron wrote:
> Apple left the PDA market and won't go back (at least with anything
> even remotely related to a Newton) because of the Newton.
> There are reasons including the following:
> 1) There is a vast installed base of other devices now, many based
> on
> the Palm OS. Apple applications sync with Palm devices.
> 2) Anything Apple brings out would be saddled with the "bad
> handwriting
> recognition" reputation of the Newton. It would not be easy to
> overcome even
> if a device with perfect handwriting recognition was rolled out.
> 3) The Newton was and is more computer than the average handheld
> user
> wants or needs. Most just want to be able to sync their email and
> agenda.
> They might buy it for the camera or MP3 player, but after the
> geewhizwow
> wears off those functions don't get used.
> 4) Apple can build on what it has already done without major cash
> outlay. Setting up a PDA division again would involve hiring.

And don't forget 5) Money. Since most of the Newt development team went
either to Palm or Microsoft they could probably only resurrect the Newt
by hiring Paul Guyot ;-)

Robert Benschop

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