[NTLK] Can I use this instead of a serial adapter?

From: D.M. Cook (blue.fusion_at_earthlink.net)
Date: Fri Jun 06 2003 - 09:16:14 PDT

Hey everyone; I was just wondering if instead of buying a USB to serial
adapter (which is rather expensive and seems kind of unnecessary--I have no
use for the second port, which is probably half the cost of the device), if
I could use one of JKSales' Newton-port-to-PC-serial adapter (no dongle
needed) and then use a Keyspan PC-serial-to-USB adapter? (links are included
below so you can look them over, if you would...)

I need to be able to use these on a Mac, however--not a PC. If at all
possible, I'd want to use NewTen, but it says it works with Keyspan devices
and lists the USA-28x... However, that particular model is quite pricey for
me at the moment and if this double-adapter method would work, it's far
cheaper to get...

The address of the Keyspan adapter is

The PC Serial to Newton Dongle cable is here, called "PC Serial Cable":

So would these two cables output to a usable USB connection that would let
me use OS X package installers? This would save me quite a bit (the Keyspan
USB-serial is $80, a serial cable is $13, and a dongle is $35... whereas
this entire thing Is around $40!)

Oh, and does anyone know if I could plug this baby into the back of my
school's HP laserjet? It does have an old-style PC serial cable in back...
Would that work (provided I had the right drivers for it)?

Thanks in advance!


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