Re: [NTLK] Is this battery dead, dying, faking it or what?

From: Christian Burk (
Date: Fri Jun 06 2003 - 09:13:34 PDT

Peter et al.,
I haven't used any other than the newton rechargeable. I didn't start
getting the low battery warning until the last few weeks. I thought
maybe it's because I would come back to the office from a meeting and
plug the Newton into the AC, thus charging the battery. I started to
think that I may be screwing up the battery's memory. Does NiMh have
memory? Or is that NiCd?

I did get it off e-bay about a year ago. Have I ever done a hard reset?
I think so.

What are those preference add-ons that can set the warning level
differently? Does anyone know?

On Friday, June 6, 2003, at 08:33 AM, wrote:

> What batteries are you using? If you are using anything other than
> the
> original rechargable pack or alkalines, the Newt doesn't correctly
> know the
> remaining charge. A piece of software called softcharge will fix that:
> Or, if you got the Newt used and haven't done a hard reset, the
> previous
> owner may have set a higher level for the battery warning. Several
> preferences addons allow you to set different levels for the battery
> warning.

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