Re: [NTLK] docs for newtXXX protos?

From: Laurent Daudelin (
Date: Fri Jun 06 2003 - 12:17:03 PDT

On 06/06/03 14:47, "Tom McDougal" <> wrote:

>> Did you check on UNNA? In the dev section, there is a whole archive with
>> everything you need to get started, including the documentation in PDF.
>> Then, there is the "Programming for the Newton" book in HTML format. It
>> should be on UNNA too.
> Thanks Laurent. I was aware of the Dev section, but I hadn't realized
> that the Newton Programmer's Guide as well as the N. P. Reference on
> UNNA were a later version, 2.0, than the version I had in hard copy
> (v. 1 apparently).
> I've got them now.
> BTW I had a CRC consistency check error unpacking
> -Tom

Did you try downloading the NewtonDev archive? I believe it was a Stuffit
archive, so no zip archive. The version of Newton Toolkit in this archive
had also a couple of improvements made by Paul Guyot. I think there is a
ReadMe in the archive that will tell you what Paul did to it. Finally, the
archive contains all the documentation in pdf format, as well as an already
configured MPW installation. A large download but it is well worth it...


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