[NTLK] Preferences

From: Sebastian Adorján Dyhr (sadyhr_at_mail1.stofanet.dk)
Date: Fri Jun 06 2003 - 12:25:12 PDT


When I started to use my NMP 2k as typewriter in Works, it stopped
(crached or just waited very long), sp I had to restart (pushig button
underneath), then I realised, that it might be because I had set it to
spell check, and it surely marked all my words as wrong, since I'm
writing in Danish.

Now I have tried to install the Danish dictionary and Dict Mangr, and
would like spell checking again, but _where_ did I do that?

It seems to me, that the NMP has too many different places to set prefs
for different things. Does there excist a list of places to set prefs?


Sebastian Adorj=E1n Dyhr -- sadyhr_at_stofanet.dk
Jettesvej 3, 2. TH -- http://home6.inet.tele.dk/sadyhr
DK-8220 Brabrand -- +45 86 25 10 50

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