Re: [NTLK] Daniel Padilla - Stowaway

From: Victor Rehorst (
Date: Mon Jun 09 2003 - 12:52:01 PDT

Quoting Daniel Padilla <>:

> >Has anyone tried to contact Daniel recently? I have tried to contact
> >him concerning his Palm keyboard cable, but no luck at a response.
> Hi, as some of you know, there has been a problem with a lot of the
> parcels I sent a few weeks ago. I only have received confirmation from a
> user in North Korea, but it was sent before the main batch. They haven't
> told me anything about it at the post office, but I think the mail box/bag
> was stolen ( As in Germany, they have put them in supermarkets, etc).

Sorry about your loss, Daniel. Sometimes the postal system can really suck.

Are you sure you posted a package to North Korea though? I was under the
impression that there's almost no contact with the outside world, let alone
sending weird parts for a Newton...

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