Re: [NTLK] Upgrading, emates, etc.

From: Oliver Leaman (
Date: Tue Jun 10 2003 - 04:51:05 PDT

The lifetime of eMates is truly impressive. I have had mine as my main
machine, used everyday really, since 1997, I have been all over the world
with it, and the only thing that has ever gone wrong is that the backlight
isnow dead. The hinges are fine, it works as well as it ever did and if it
managed to survive Iran, Egypt, Malaysia, Turkey etc. I am sure it would
makeit in Omaha!


>From: Christian Burk >Reply-To: >To: >Subject: [NTLK] Upgrading, emates, etc. >Date:
Tue, 10 Jun 2003 06:42:33 -0500 >>OT=97Has anyone noticed how eMate sounds
like an on-line personals=20 >service? >>Anyway, I want to upgrade. How can
I? No one seems to know about Dr.=20 >Newton, Dave Watson. I have a 2000 and
need more memory. >>Also, what's the verdict on the long-time life of
e-mates? Can the=20 >batteries be refurbished, for instance? And the hinges
of the lid, are=20= >>they doomed to wear out? >>I ask because I have 2 kids
that I think would benefit from having=20 >something that they could do
school work on. I also would like to have=20= >>one so that we could do
lessons together (as we are planning to=20 >homeschool). How well does the
teacher/student interaction work over=20 >eMate. I don't think I ever quite
understood it, having never seen or=20 >experienced one of them before.
>>Also, I'll ask again, does anyone in Omaha use a Newton (or is it just=20=
>>me)? >>Christian M. Burk= >>-- >This is the NewtonTalk list - for all inquiries >List FAQ/Etiquette/Terms: >Official Newton FAQ: >

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This is the NewtonTalk list - for all inquiries
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