[NTLK] Upgrading, emates, etc.

From: Christian Burk (cmburk75_at_mac.com)
Date: Tue Jun 10 2003 - 04:42:33 PDT

OT=97Has anyone noticed how eMate sounds like an on-line personals=20

Anyway, I want to upgrade. How can I? No one seems to know about Dr.=20
Newton, Dave Watson. I have a 2000 and need more memory.

Also, what's the verdict on the long-time life of e-mates? Can the=20
batteries be refurbished, for instance? And the hinges of the lid, are=20=

they doomed to wear out?

I ask because I have 2 kids that I think would benefit from having=20
something that they could do school work on. I also would like to have=20=

one so that we could do lessons together (as we are planning to=20
homeschool). How well does the teacher/student interaction work over=20
eMate. I don't think I ever quite understood it, having never seen or=20
experienced one of them before.

Also, I'll ask again, does anyone in Omaha use a Newton (or is it just=20=


Christian M. Burk=

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