Re: [NTLK] Upgrading, emates, etc.

From: Jon Wright (
Date: Wed Jun 11 2003 - 03:08:27 PDT

I purchased an emate for my son, opened it up (following the
instructions on the web), installed two microscopic washers (they were
real hard to find) and put everything back together. The washers will
prevent the hinge springs from puncturing the cable at any time in the
future. If you can't find the right washers locally, I can post a
couple in the mail (from Australia!).

The teacher/student side (as far as I can understand) appears to need
at least 1 emate and 1 mac. You can add more emates. The mac runs the
teacher software (I tested connectivity from an old 7300 running MacOS
8 and classic running on a flat screen iMac). Note that the 'Dock'
button on the emate calls up the classroom connection software NOT the
standard dockstuff. Connectivity in a classroom would normally have
been via serial (appletalk) or infrared. I have tested serial (mac to
emate), appletalk (using localtalk / ethernet bridge), and wireless.

If you are buying an emate, it is worth paying for the one with the
extra memory (at least until the new memory boards are available - as
discussed previously on this list). Unlike the 2000/2100 there is only
one slot so a network card implies no storage.

Hope that helps, if I can help with anything else, drop me a line. I am
sort of interested in the home schooling option but that is very
difficult to do here.


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