Re: [NTLK] NTK vs ethernet (Macintosh)

From: Tom McDougal (
Date: Tue Jun 10 2003 - 13:23:09 PDT

>I would also suggest to make sure that the network card on the
>Newton is set to use Appletalk. See Appletalk on the Prefs roll,
>make sure its set to use ethernet and that your network card is the
>one selected.

This is all set. AppleTalk on the Newton is set to use my card.
AppleTalk on the Mac is set in Classic to use ethernet. I can
successfully download packages via the Dock over Appletalk/ethernet
using NCU, which suggests that everything is set up correctly.

When you use "Other computer..." , what should the Mac be doing?
Should NCU be alive and waiting? Should Toolkit be waiting to connect
the inspector? Should nothing be doing anything?

Any other ideas?


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