Re: [NTLK] Phone dialing

From: David Howard (
Date: Thu Jun 12 2003 - 05:38:26 PDT

> I love this function as well. I use it so much that as a negative
> result I now don't know a lot of numbers by hart anymore ;-)
> AFAIK 'sound dialing' doesn't work with any cellular, maybe over cable
> or even infrared you get this to work, but wouldn't it be more of a
> hassle than a benefit?

True, I suppose I could simply send over the contact card using ICVC and
then dial it through the mobile.

For me it is necessary on the old analogue extension in the house to dial
with the newt as since ADSL was put in the phone is too slow at dialing. As
a result the newt is a cheap replacement for a digital phone.

> Wasn't there a package for adjusting the tones to be compatible with
> Australian/New Zealand dial tones?

Change the phone dialing to pulse or tone, just see which one works. These I
believe seem to be the only two methods of dialing.

Unless of course in Aus the phones dial backwards like the toilets/basins.

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