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From: lvr (lvrooy_at_iafrica.com)
Date: Thu Jun 12 2003 - 08:30:26 PDT

Victor Rehorst wrote:
> 1) You need a DVD drive to read DVDs. If you don't have one, you're
> not going
> to be reading or converting them. Look at www.dvdrhelp.com for an
> incredible
> amount of info about converting video on a computer.
> 2) Please don't post such blatantly off-topic questions like this.
> It's rude
> to the 1900+ people who are expecting NewtonTalk.

Robert Benschop replied:
--Don't really want to start another thread on OT but since the message
--was clearly labeled as such and the answer was given within one post it
--doesn't really seem to bother anyone.

I for one found it quite informative; this being the only list I'm
subscribed to at present!
Thanks, Victor!

Besides when people start to get nasty with each other on the list,
OT is OK with me.


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