Re: [NTLK] AA NiCd battery source

From: Peter Cameron (
Date: Fri Jun 13 2003 - 15:53:42 PDT

on 6/13/03 3:33 PM, Martin Joseph at wrote:
> Has someone here actually experienced a problem from doing this?
    Frank may have seen some.
    I seem to remember one case of a Newton getting smoked during charging
and another that suffered when the batteries began to leak. The NiCd
charging circuitry doesn't stop charging the NiMH cells when they are at
full capacity. This stresses the cells and can cause leakage. NiMH cells
also can get very hot when charging. If the cells have been compromised by
overcharging this could cause problems.
    Also, the 1x0 Newtons are able to properly report remaining capacity of
NiCd cells but will give false readings for NiMH.
    But I guess 1x0 Newts are cheap enough that they can be replaced. Just
remember to do frequent backups.


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