[NTLK] partway on nitro

From: David Getzin (dgetzin_at_mac.com)
Date: Sat Jun 14 2003 - 12:33:29 PDT

)) progress on e-mail through nitro with the Siemens S 56 ((

  thank you everyone for helpful replies, thank you very much Eckhart
for the incredible software.

Everything is installed properly, I have been using simple mail over
WiFi for awhile. I cannot load text into the phone. However, it
appears without spaces or line breaks (anyone know how to get around

I read the forwarded threads, and the script posted here:

  was a Good start.

  When I first ran it, My script stalled at " waiting for "connect""-- I
removed that line, and everything went through, now it stalls at
connecting to the Internet.

  Here is my current script:

Setup Name: irDA
Protocol: PPP
Configuration: Server
User ID: dgetzin
When closing, disconnect: after 2 minutes
Primary DNS/Name Server Address:
Alternate DNS/Name Server Address:
Domain Name: <None>
Login Script [3 Step(s)]
         Send: "ATD*99#1#"
         Send [caret return aka enter]

  now, this is either a problem with my domain name address ( I tried
the one on the profile in the phone, as well as the generic
and -- the ATD bit may be off as well.

  I will be very grateful for any replies.

Thank you,

David Getzin

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