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From: Eckhart Köppen (
Date: Sun Jun 15 2003 - 02:41:17 PDT

On Sat, 14 Jun 2003 14:33:29 -0500, David Getzin wrote:
> When I first ran it, My script stalled at " waiting for "connect""-- I
> removed that line, and everything went through, now it stalls at
> connecting to the Internet.

Actually, "Wait for CONNECT" is most likely necessary, and stalling
later means that something else is still broken...

> Here is my current script:
> Setup Name: irDA
> Protocol: PPP
> Configuration: Server
> User ID: dgetzin
> When closing, disconnect: after 2 minutes
> Primary DNS/Name Server Address:
> Alternate DNS/Name Server Address:
> Domain Name: <None>
> Login Script [3 Step(s)]
> Send: "ATD*99#1#"
> Send [caret return aka enter]
> Done

This looks good, very similar to what I use. But I think you need to
add the Wait for CONNECT line, and maybe use "ATDT" instead of "ATD".
The problem is very likely that the phone does not dial properly, and
the PPP protocol never gets activated (the "connecting to the Internet"
status hints at that, it is displayed before the PPP protocol will be

There are several things you could try (I assume you're using GPRS).
You have to make sure that the settings on your phone are correct. On
my Nokia 3650, this means that I have to define a GPRS access point and
name it according to the instructions from my operator. I'm not sure if
that's needed on the S56, but very often, phones seem to require this
(maybe somebody with a Siemens phone can help out here). It is also
possible that you have to create a GPRS "profile" on your phone... the
"#1#" in your dial string is often used to select one of the profiles
on the phone. Some phones (like the Ericsson T520) require also a setup
step before dialing where the correct data bearer (GSM, GPRS, CSD or
HSCSD) is selected.

A good way to figure this out is to ask your operator for the settings
needed to connect a laptop via your phone to the internet. What you
want from them is the correct dial string and the necessary settings
for your phone.

The DNS servers are used much later, I'm pretty sure that's not the
problem at this stage.

Another way to test this is to simply dial an ISP with dial-up access
instead of using GPRS. This seems to depend however on your data plan,
it seems that some operators disable this if you haven't ordered the
correct plan. Anyway, the dial string would then be something like
"ATDT<ISP phone number>", all other setting would have to be adjusted

Hope this gets you a bit further!


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