Re: [NTLK] Will be selling off lots of eMate/Newton stuff

From: Robert Benschop (
Date: Sun Jun 15 2003 - 01:45:31 PDT

On zaterdag, juni 14, 2003, at 09:56 PM, Glenn Roe wrote:
> But on the business end I just received all the new iBooks and an
> spending
> my weekend getting them set up. Although using Entourage and some of
> the
> new Apple apps (iCal, address book) are somewhat Newton like, none of
> it
> is as well integrated or quick to use as the Newton OS and the apps we
> have used for the last 5 years.

Funny thing is that I often have the feeling that Mac OS X is more like
the Newt than any other desktop system I used before, due to the high
integration of different apps working together. If even more apps start
using each other it seems we're close to the linking that the Newt
provides us with.

Robert Benschop

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