Re: [NTLK] <ot>MacOS on iPaq?

From: Karel Jansens (
Date: Mon Jun 16 2003 - 07:40:34 PDT

On Monday 16 June 2003 14:53, eric engle wrote:
> Can anyone tell me whether the iPaq or Zaurus is a
> better PDA?

iPaq run Windows CE standard, which has been likened to a steaming heap of
manure. But iPaqs can be mande useful by installing a Linux distribution
on them. The Zaurus does not even require the user to go find Linux, as it
is already installed.

The Zaurus is a very powerful, pocket-based computer, but I do not think it
is a better PDA than a Newton. The Newton is a preconfigured digital
_assistant_ , and as such nothing in the history of time has yet surpassed
it. But why be modest about it, eh?

> I keep hoping apple will release a PDA
> "next quarter" - and its been a year now... I'm
> thinking of this because I would like to run MacOS
> under basilisk.
> If apple did release a PDA and I got some other PDA I
> would feel really really lame...

My gut tells me that _if_ Apple ever re-releases a PDA, it will be a Palm
licensee, and you'd feel really really really lame if you bought that...

Karel Jansens.
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