Re: [NTLK] <ot>MacOS on iPaq?

From: Rick Ludwig (
Date: Mon Jun 16 2003 - 15:38:24 PDT

I'd have to say that the Pocket PC OS (Which is not Windows CE in the
traditional sense) is a very good attempt from MS. A Newton it is not,
but it's a pretty powerful PDA. Yes it has it's downsides, but if you
want Multimedia in your pocket, it's an great device. It really depends
on what you want your PDA to do.

If you like the OS or not is all a matter of opinion. I happen to like
my iPaq (although I think that PPC 2000 is better visually than 2002).
I would use my iPaq a lot more if the screen was bigger like the
Newtons is.

For portable writing, though, nothing beats a Newton 2x00 and a Newton
I also love the fact that I can get two months of heavy use with
keyboard and backlight with a set of 4 Photolithium batteries. =)


On Monday, June 16, 2003, at 09:40 AM, Karel Jansens wrote:

> On Monday 16 June 2003 14:53, eric engle wrote:
>> Can anyone tell me whether the iPaq or Zaurus is a
>> better PDA?
> iPaq run Windows CE standard, which has been likened to a steaming
> heap of
> manure. But iPaqs can be mande useful by installing a Linux
> distribution
> on them. The Zaurus does not even require the user to go find Linux,
> as it
> is already installed.
> The Zaurus is a very powerful, pocket-based computer, but I do not
> think it
> is a better PDA than a Newton. The Newton is a preconfigured digital
> _assistant_ , and as such nothing in the history of time has yet
> surpassed
> it. But why be modest about it, eh?
>> I keep hoping apple will release a PDA
>> "next quarter" - and its been a year now... I'm
>> thinking of this because I would like to run MacOS
>> under basilisk.
>> If apple did release a PDA and I got some other PDA I
>> would feel really really lame...
> My gut tells me that _if_ Apple ever re-releases a PDA, it will be a
> Palm
> licensee, and you'd feel really really really lame if you bought
> that...
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