Re: [NTLK] Phoenix ala Newton? (rumor alert)

From: Eric L. Strobel (
Date: Tue Jun 17 2003 - 06:32:37 PDT

on 06/17/03 9:26 AM, Dr. Julie Armstrong at wrote:

> Here's the link,
> Apple has filed for a multiple persona device... What's this" A remote
> that will function as a PDA or vice versa?

This is already being discussed in another thread on this list. Please
refer to that, but the long & short of it is: Look at the illustrations (&
compare to an MP130) and read the text carefully. This is a continuation of
an action started in 1995 -- nothing to get excited about, just Apple
closing up some loose ends on their Newton intellectual property portfolio.

- Eric.

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