Re: [NTLK] Phoenix ala Newton? (rumor alert)

From: Jon Glass (
Date: Tue Jun 17 2003 - 09:33:14 PDT

on 6/17/03 3:32 PM, Eric L. Strobel at wrote:

> This is a continuation of
> an action started in 1995 -- nothing to get excited about, just Apple
> closing up some loose ends on their Newton intellectual property portfolio.

Of course, this raises the question as to _why_ Apple felt they needed to
close up these loose ends... Or maybe it was in a tickler file, and just got
pulled by a worker, and finished, without anybody really paying attention to
it? Or, maybe they have plans of moving it to OS X in a bigger way, and
wanted to have this patent on file before they file their next, all, of
course, to keep the competition from horning in.

My personal opinion re: a new device is that if ever Apple does something,
it will be a cell phone, or based on one.

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