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From: Orjan Larsson (
Date: Tue Jun 17 2003 - 13:49:12 PDT

tisdagen den 17 juni 2003 kl 21.35 skrev Eric L. Strobel at=20

> My personal opinion re: a new device is that if ever Apple does=20
> something,
> it will be a cell phone, or based on one.

I somehow hope Apple at least kicks the butts at SonyEricsson and=20
Nokia, so they learn to go that extra mile and really do things user=20
might really like. My P800 is quite useful, but I have run into some=20
deadens thats frustating. Opera is so good, and GPRS cost per MB here=20
in Sweden, so I wanted to surf via bluetooth at my home, over my=20
DSL-line. Belkin has an cheap bluetooth AP coming to europe soon. Alas,=20=

no, the P800 doesnt support surfing via bluetooth over an bluetooth=20
PAN/LAN profile. You might get something working with doing an hack. SE=20=

told me I could surf from the P800 if I had it in the USB cradle,=20
connected to an PC (which I dont have). Purlease, they now P800 is an=20
handheld, made for being wireless?

Was told that they hadnt even thought about using bluetooth for=20
surfing, but would put the info to R&D.

And so it goes on. The HWR, a jolt thing, is a long shot from rosetta,=20=

so to speak.

The UI, UIQ, might be good by other standards, but I still would like=20
some more cleverness in it, it sure aint as good thought as Newton UI.
(Despite being done mainly in Sweden, were I live. Shit!!)

And it being an bluetooth phone, wouldnt it be nice if I at home, could=20=

use it to dial over my local analog line too, via an access point, like=20=

I can do with an DECT phone? SE hadnt thought about that either,=20
perhaps due to bluetooth class 2 short range. (class 1 is better)

I am pretty sure Apple would have done P800 better, than SonyEricsson=20
could do.

It similiar with Nokia, when I approached them about their Nokia Data=20
Communication Suite.

/=D6rjan - looking for large and cheap memory stick duo card , more than=20=

128MB, which doesnt seem to be here yet

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