Re: [NTLK] DNS Fury

From: David Getzin (
Date: Wed Jun 18 2003 - 20:43:07 PDT

thanks for the whois query results Darrell. --why didn't I think of
that? Still stuck though.

Twas a great suggestion to contact someone with the data cable & s-ware
to get the so-called "embedded" addresses. Finding someone may be hard-
I may buy the software-- I have till the 27th to return the phone and
cancel service- Buying software (if I get it working) would be better
than ditching this phone and service I love over this one very sticky

I have a friend with a (supported) palm (may have "supported" IrDA)

Ill send updates-hopefully this trailblazing will help others and not
burn too many.



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