From: David Getzin (dgetzin_at_mac.com)
Date: Tue Jun 17 2003 - 19:21:00 PDT

hello all

Thanks for the wonderful Nitro help with my Siemens S 56 . I'm almost there.

It seems all I need now is the DNS Server address, and the domain name-Simple ISP Info right? Unfortunately It is not so easy. Cingulor is being impossible--the techs who Should know better tell me I need to buy a data cable & Software, as the "IP address is embedded in the software." Useless ROT!

It appears this is all ISP info but does anyone have any advice? Was it teeth-pulling hard for Others to get the info?

The IR Script works like a Charm, the User name and pass go through (they didn't before)-but I get a PPP error telling me to Check the DNS et al.
My friend thinks that the DNS entries in the Script don`t Matter- he thinks it is another problem-I disagree.

Am I missing Something? Is there a phone variable I neglected?

I tried Culling a Seemingly fixed IP from the WAP browser to no avail.--I am using GPRS--

ANY advice would be wonderful. Thanks so much for getting me this far. I don't want to return this phone but I may_ I got It Specifically to send Newt email.

Many Thanks,

David Getzin
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