Re: [NTLK] [] Thanks for contacting me.

From: JimRCGMO (
Date: Thu Jun 19 2003 - 05:46:08 PDT

On 06/19/2003 4:06 AM, Martin Erdner wrote:
>i can't stand it...
>Am Mittwoch, 18.06.03 um 23:00 Uhr schrieb Kevin Strishock:
>> Hello there,
>> Thanks for emailing me. I use an email program that verifies
>> your a real person.
>Please use an email-app you can handle.....
>And read smething about mailinglists....
>> Unfortunately, it was not able to verify your address.
>> This is an automated message to let you know that your message has
>> been set aside and I won't receive it until your address is verified.

Actually, this may not have been Kevin's choice (or not), as some ISPs
have gone to "verfication before receiving" in an attempt to filter out
spam. The ISP may have done it without asking their subscribers at all.

Jim Rohde

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