[NTLK] More about my wlan/appletalk trouble...

From: Gert Menke (g.menke_at_gmx.net)
Date: Fri Jun 20 2003 - 11:15:28 PDT

Hi everyone,

okay, I installed ethereal on my linux box and listened to the network traffic
to find out if there is a differences between my two cards. (A 3com Megahertz
card and an Avaya wireless card.)

The first thing to notice: obviously, my wireless router does not drop the

I captured a simple "select laserwriter" session.

With both cards, the Newton sends 9 AARP Packets, then 5 ZIP packets and then
lots of NBP packets.
However, the ZIP packets differ between the two cards.
All packets from the Megahertz card get identified as "IEEE 802.3 Ethernet"
packets. But the ZIP packets from the Avaya card are identified as "Ethernet
II, Type: Appletalk" packets. I honestly have no idea what this difference
means, but I guess it is the source of my problems.

I checked the Avaya card's firmware and noticed it has version 7.something, so
I'll update it to 8.10 and try again. I hope I can use the standard orinoco
firmware, since I could not find a firmware update on the Avaya website. I
also found information on how to "upgrade" an orinoco silver card to the gold
version by flashing the gold's firmware to it. Maybe i'll try that, too. Do
these cards really use exactly the same hardware?


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