Re: [NTLK] More about my wlan/appletalk trouble...

From: Martin Joseph (
Date: Fri Jun 20 2003 - 11:28:40 PDT

On Friday, June 20, 2003, at 11:15 AM, Gert Menke wrote:
> With both cards, the Newton sends 9 AARP Packets, then 5 ZIP packets
> and then
> lots of NBP packets.
> However, the ZIP packets differ between the two cards.
> All packets from the Megahertz card get identified as "IEEE 802.3
> Ethernet"
> packets. But the ZIP packets from the Avaya card are identified as
> "Ethernet
> II, Type: Appletalk" packets. I honestly have no idea what this
> difference
> means, but I guess it is the source of my problems.
Maybe the two drivers are encapsulating the appletalk slightly
differently... Seems like the wireless card is doing a better job
actually, since it is Appletalk over ethernet.
> I checked the Avaya card's firmware and noticed it has version
> 7.something, so
> I'll update it to 8.10 and try again. I hope I can use the standard
> orinoco
> firmware, since I could not find a firmware update on the Avaya
> website. I
> also found information on how to "upgrade" an orinoco silver card to
> the gold
> version by flashing the gold's firmware to it. Maybe i'll try that,
> too. Do
> these cards really use exactly the same hardware?
I have never had an issue with the card's firmware, even though I have
used VERY old cards...

  I think it's your router that is unable/unwilling to handle the
Appletalk routing....


PS It's always the router in my experience...

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