Re: [NTLK] More about my wlan/appletalk trouble..

From: Brian (
Date: Sat Jun 21 2003 - 06:15:13 PDT

>Okay, but updating the firmware probably won't hurt either.
>Except that I'll have to back up my notebook, install Windows on it, and
>restore Linux after updating the firmware. :-/

dual boot... :)

>> I think it's your router that is unable/unwilling to handle the
>> Appletalk routing....
>I still hope it's not the router. The very same router _can_ route Appletalk
>correctly over wired connections. Do you really think the router breaks some
>of the packets selectively? Sounds strange to me.

>> PS It's always the router in my experience...

Like Paul said in another reply, it seems a little strange that you're
getting _just_ appletalk packets out of the wireless card. Do you mean
always, even for web surfing or checking email, or just when you are trying
to connect to NCU or whatever via appletalk settings (on the Newton) and
you have appletalk set to use the wireless connection? :P

There is a potential large issue with Appletalk'd wireless connectivity
between wireless and wired sides of the same router. Some routers will
route Appletalk between wireless and wired, other models will not. I
picked my Netgear MR314 for just this reason- it WILL route this way.
Other models of router will not do this... most Linksys will not, last I
read (6 months ago or more).

This has come up here before, and I might have first read about it on the
Low End Mac Powerbook list, both lists are archived.

Someone else said that newer Netgear models than the MR314 might not have
this capability anymore; Netgear was willing to "talk Mac" when I asked
them about this issue, so they will likely be helpful. Linksys just said
not supported. Made the buying choice easy...

Also no home router (wireless or wired) that I know of will route Apletalk
from LAN to WAN side, so if you have your wireless plugged into another
home router, that's another potential issue (and it's time for you to shed
some old Linux boxes 'cos you have too many :) Although the Netgear people
said the MR314 would do it if I turned off NAT, but I've not tried that
yet. ahem. I have my Netgear plugged into a second home router myself,
'cos I need the jacks.

So- check your router tech specs (you will have to call, none ever
documents this stuff on a web site in my experience), and think/check your
settings on the MP and make sure that what you have set for TCP/IP,
appletalk, wireless makes sense.

I'm using perhaps one revision old of Hiroshi's driver (I've not checked
for 4? 5? months, an Orinoco Gold, and connecting just fine to OS9 macs and
a networked Apple laser printer.



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