[NTLK] airport extreme basestation

From: Ao Loo (ao_at_total.net)
Date: Sun Jun 22 2003 - 14:50:19 PDT

I bought an ABS extreme for the film studio that I work at a few months
back. We updated the basestation software on Friday and I promptly was
not able to get on the DSL line with WEP on. Just letting you folks
know, in case there is someone else in the same boat, hold off on the
update if you want to use WEP on your basestation and your Newton to
connect. I am using Wavelan version 1.08a which I believe is the last
version. I have both a Silver and Gold Orinoco and neither would do
40bit WEP with the updated basestation software.

On another note, I got a Sony C150S 802.1b card to try after one ad
mentioned a Prism chipset. It did not work in my Newton. The exterior
antenna is quite slim and I was looking forward to a wireless card that
I could leave in and use my Burropak holster. I will just have to keep
using the leather flip case with the wireless card in the top slot. Just
trying to save someone else some agravation.


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