[NTLK] What prefs determine which account gets checked?

From: funke erich (funkeys_at_earthlink.net)
Date: Fri Jun 27 2003 - 23:09:55 PDT

Hi all - thanks for the help on wireless.
I have two main email accounts. One is my work email T1 - or whatever most
modern companies use, and one is a DSL Earthlink account at home. Today I
got my Orinoco Gold (b) card (for my MP2000) working brilliantly on our work
network. (Hiroshi - your payment will come in the next few days) I surfed
the 'net (albeit for a very short amount of time - everytime I got to a site
with graphics, I got html-looking error warnings.) Be that as it may - it
worked. I wirelessly searched for and found all our printers. Used
Simplemail to check email.

My only problem is: The only email I could access and download, was all the
[NTLK] email from all you kind people, which is my home/Earthlink account.
So what determines which set of preferences my Newt will use, when accessing
I tried everything in my very limited knowledge. Created new and wonderful
"worksites" edited & tried them throughout the day. Nothing. I could not
convince the Newt to access anything but my earthlink acc.
Please can someone with this kind of understanding and some time to spare
give an answer?


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