From: Hemant Kamat (hemantkamat_at_eth.net)
Date: Mon Nov 01 2004 - 07:41:37 PST

Hi Stefan, I found your reply hidden in my "Bulk Mail" folder; still can't
figure out what in the blazes could have marked it as spam, sheesh!
I realize you must be very busy at the moment; in this regard, could you
consider open-sourcing NewtSMS? Unfortunately, the Nokia CardPhone is no
longer in production, but I'd like to try my hand at incorporating support
for some cards which are:



Hemant Kamat
yahoo messenger: hemantkamat

On 9/23/04 7:01 PM, "Stefan Auweiler" <stefan_at_team-auweiler.de> wrote:
 1. yes and if you have macintalk installed on the newton, NewtSMS will call
 (voice) the name of the caller (if caller id is submitted and the numer is
 available in the addressbook)
 2. no. Newton switches off the PCMCIA power in the standby mode :-(
 A copy of Newt SMS? I have to fix a new copy for the comunity, but I'm
 in time ;-(
 We'll see...
 Mit freundlichem Gruß
 Stefan Auweiler
 web Empfehlung: www.deuter-art.de
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 Hi Stefan, Can I have a copy of NewtSMS? I'm trying to get a
 Nokia CardPhone 2.0 PCMCIA card working with my MessagePad
 2000; in this regard, could you please clarify the following:
 1. Can I make/receive calls & SMS using a Nokia CardPhone 2.0
 PCMCIA card?
 2. If yes, will the Newton receive calls/SMS while in standby
 (sleeping), or do I need to keep it powered ON at all times?
 Hemant Kamat

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