Re: [NTLK] eMate charges when open only?

From: Dan (
Date: Mon Nov 01 2004 - 09:02:48 PST

Jeff Knee wrote:
> I stumbled on this recently, after being unable to charge my eMate for
> quite some time (even bought new NIMH batteries but dreaded installing
> them): The eMate wouldn't charge while closed. But when I plugged in

As others have pointed out, emates should charge weather the lid is open
or closed. What I have found out is that there is a "testing" phase
that takes place if the battery is totally dead. Basically the emate
starts charging the battery and if it holds so much of a charge in a few
  minutes, it starts fast charging. However if the battery is sluggish
in accepting the charge the emate flags it as "deeptoast" and it won't
charge the battery.

However if you keep trying to charge it, eventually the battery will
have enough of a charge and the emate will charge it normally. I
suspect this is what happened. If you want to find out for sure, use
the emate till the battery is about half charged, then close the lid and
plug it in. If the light is orange it is charging, let it sit for a
hour. Then unplug it, open the lid and verify that it now has a full
charge, I suspect it will.


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