Re: [NTLK] will backup but won't export...

From: Rhonda Hyslop (
Date: Tue Nov 02 2004 - 13:17:37 PST

* Martin Joseph <> [ 2 Nov 2004 10:50]:
> On Nov 2, 2004, at 12:50 AM, Rhonda Hyslop wrote:
> <snip>
> > (Never thought I'd miss good old nXchange and sloup... not the
> > prettiest
> > interface, but I could browse my notes and filter by newton folder.
> > Sadly, I'm in a different city from nXchange and my serial cable; I
> > have
> > an iBook, NCU-in-classic, and appletalk-over-ethernet to work with.)
> You should be able to setup the LPR driver from Pauls website and print
> to PDF through OSX...

But I'm trying to get just plain text, so I can run some scripts on

It's frustrating, because what I'm looking for should really be one of
the simplest things to do :-/


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