Re: [NTLK] Keyspan serial under OS X and OS 9

From: RAParker (RAParker_at_Quadzilla.NET)
Date: Wed Nov 03 2004 - 10:47:02 PST

On Wednesday, November 3, 2004, at 09:47 AM, Blake Patterson wrote:

> Well, my iBook is dying - it sleeps when screen is
> open > 60-degrees. Ugh. It also won't boot anymore
> as it "slept" right after boot and something is
> corrupted on the boot drive.

As a side note about your iBook...

Have you checked to see if your iBook qualifies under the 'Expanded
iBook Logic Board Repair Extension Program'? (whew...I'm sure they need
a comma or a dash in there somewhere :-) Last month, I helped out a
client get his iBook repaired for free. He had no idea about it either.
Check out your serial number and have a look here:

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