[NTLK] Macsruscomputers

From: Paul Dunford (pauldunfordnyc_at_hotmail.com)
Date: Fri Nov 05 2004 - 11:47:03 PST

Hello - I am new to the list and while I would usually just quietly lurk
around for a while I wanted to let you know that I recently purchased a 2100
from macsruscomputers. The guy isn't terribly chatty, but he did send the
2100 quickly. When I got it, however, what I had hoped was a "like new"
unit was rather scuffed. All of the doors were present, along with stylus,
but the screen was noticeably marked and the case was dinged in a few

Worked perfectly well, but not "like new" to me.

So I emailed him, not really expecting an answer or any help now that he had
my money. However, he was quick to respond to my concern and told me that
they must have sent me the wrong unit and refunded part of my purchase
price. He was an honest guy - I gave him positive feedback.

You see a million auctions from them all the time on eBay, and he explained
to me that what they do is just purchase bulk Newtons and grade them into
one of three categories - like new, normal and poor. So they auction from
the three categories and just send you one from one of the piles. Evidently
they sent me one from the wrong pile.

Have to say, though - a careful half hour with rubbing alcohol brought it
right back to beautiful. A nice unit and the screen marks aren't noticeable
with the backlight.

One last thing - I'm sure no one here needs a reminder of this, but their
Buy It Now price is always overpriced. Get into an auction and you should
do just fine. There'll always be another from them!

Hope this is helpful -

Paul Dunford

p.s. - is there an NYC user's group out there?

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>Regarding macsruscomputers.com on ebay, Just purchased a "like new" 2100
>from macsruscomputers and will let you know the true condition when I
>receive it. Reading through the feedback it seems they (he) does honest
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