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From: Gene Soudlenkov (
Date: Fri Nov 05 2004 - 16:35:58 PST

I dealt with them once - terrible experience to say the least. The guy sent
me totally different unit, no memory cards as he promised when I was buying
it. He promised to send me the replacement and never did. Later he plainly
refused to reply to my emails. Never again will I deal with them!

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> Hello - I am new to the list and while I would usually just quietly lurk
> around for a while I wanted to let you know that I recently purchased a
> from macsruscomputers. The guy isn't terribly chatty, but he did send the
> 2100 quickly. When I got it, however, what I had hoped was a "like new"
> unit was rather scuffed. All of the doors were present, along with
> but the screen was noticeably marked and the case was dinged in a few
> places.
> Worked perfectly well, but not "like new" to me.
> So I emailed him, not really expecting an answer or any help now that he
> my money. However, he was quick to respond to my concern and told me that
> they must have sent me the wrong unit and refunded part of my purchase
> price. He was an honest guy - I gave him positive feedback.
> You see a million auctions from them all the time on eBay, and he
> to me that what they do is just purchase bulk Newtons and grade them into
> one of three categories - like new, normal and poor. So they auction from
> the three categories and just send you one from one of the piles.
> they sent me one from the wrong pile.
> Have to say, though - a careful half hour with rubbing alcohol brought it
> right back to beautiful. A nice unit and the screen marks aren't
> with the backlight.
> One last thing - I'm sure no one here needs a reminder of this, but their
> Buy It Now price is always overpriced. Get into an auction and you should
> do just fine. There'll always be another from them!
> Hope this is helpful -
> Paul Dunford
> p.s. - is there an NYC user's group out there?
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> >Regarding on ebay, Just purchased a "like new" 2100
> >from macsruscomputers and will let you know the true condition when I
> >receive it. Reading through the feedback it seems they (he) does honest
> >business.
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> >Tom
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