Re: [NTLK] enroute and jpeg

From: Flemming Sorvin (
Date: Fri Nov 05 2004 - 14:19:17 PST

Simplemail didn't work either. This thread picked it up too.

As far as my experiements go, the mail V imagestationary only works with
Mail V. Imageinbox manages to patch the stationary to interpret jpegs and
gifs that are transported via Neo.

Could imageinbox be adapted to patch for simplemail or enroute? Maybe.
Hasn't been done yet. Is Daniel working on it? Don't know.

I'll go back to experimenting with simplemail and it's imagestationery,
which does work, provided that you have newtscape and it's jpeg extension

Also, another work around is to use simplemail, then route the image to
newtscape for viewing.

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