[NTLK] A bunch of questions

From: Sacha Zemp (sacha_at_my-home.li)
Date: Fri Nov 05 2004 - 14:28:37 PST

Hello fellow Newtonians

Here I am again to ask you some questions.

1. Mail V
I had some trouble when using MailV with my account. I have sent an email to
Simon Bell, but unfortunatly no answer yet. I suppose he is busy writing
even better versions of this great email client. So I'm trying my luck with
you guys (and girls...)

I have 3 problems right now:
A) When writing with sketches in Notes and choosing a GIF format when
sending, I receive on the PC side not a grafic, but an attachment with.nwt
at the end. How can I make it a grafic?

B) When connecting and downloading emails, some have a wrong timestamp. 2024
and the like of it.
C) Whenever I choose receive I get the emails downloaded and then I get an
unknown newton error at 0C69917C or 0C606044 (possibly other number/adresses
as well). Same when sending emails from the newton. It sends the email just
fine, but when it tries to receive afterwards... Pang the above mentioned

2. Dashboard and Moreinfo
Moreinfo has the 'At a Glance' program for viewing all calendars and to
do's. And in the program a button with the lens for seeing an overview of
the week. Is there a way trough the scripting in dashboard to directly
access that view?

3. Is there anybody out there that has a manual for time reporter 3.0

4. Does anybody know an application or dates replacement that is able to
have a 2 weeks overview? All the apps tried so far, are either 1 week or 1

5. I will receive from the german eby auction 2 pico pcmcia bluetooth cards
that are compatible with the newton blueetoth implementation. Since I need
only one, I'm willing to trade for a fax modem card or something similar for
the second. Plaese respond off list. If I receive more than one offer, I
will choose the one best suited for me. I live in Switzerland so european
offers are 'nearer' to me but I'm willing to send the card worldwide.

6. Problem with add-on for currncies in formulas
Clinton Logan has wrote currency! (found in the apps folder in unna). The
program makes an instant conversion between 5 countrys. This is nice,
because often I can pay on the internet either in US$ or Euro, and coming
from the swiss franc, this is not the same. But the program does not work on
my 2100 Newton. The error screen says, that the app may not work with this
newton. And then it says (Part 0, type auto). Does somebody have an idea,
how to fix it, or maybe another app that does the same or a similar thing?

7. Heap
I'm just curious. I have now about 280Kbyte of Heap. Is this normal, a lot,
or should I save money for a memory upgrade :-)

I own the list a lot, and it was very helpful. I'm not posting as much as I
like, partly because I feel that there are a lot of people on the list that
know more than I do, and also because I read the list in digest mode every
other day. So I'm always behind. Sometimes also for good stuff (offers fro
newtons or so).

But any help was and is always appreciated. I do not take it for granted or
a right or so. Thanks to all of you, my newton has come back to life.

Have a nice weekend
Sacha Zemp

P.S. Mi si puo anche mandare le emails in italiano.. Se per caso qualcuno
leggesse questo.... :-)

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