Re: [NTLK] A bunch of questions

From: Don V. Zahniser (
Date: Sun Nov 07 2004 - 09:18:53 PST

Two candidates, both freeware:

 - DateView -

Dateview provides an agenda-style view, which is adjustable from 1 day to
1 year (1,3,5 days, 1,2,3 weeks, 1,2,3,6 months, 1 year). Although it
doesn't give access to existing items, other than to view them, it does
have a 'New' button for creating Dates items. When DateView is
installed, a 'DateView' item appears when you hit the 'i' button in the
Dates application.

DateView can be used as a backdrop, but it seems to have some odd issues
with 3rd-party buttonbar add-ins. On my MP130, when I restart the Newton
and DateView is my backdrop, I get error messages for the buttons that I
have installed. However, they still work. (?)

DateView also has an option to install a buttonbar button.

 - DateSum -

DateSum also provides an agenda-style view, with options that include 2-
weeks. I haven't used it as much as DateView, because it's suite of
buttonbar buttons won't completely fit on an MP130 screen. Two
distinctions: DateSum does not (as I recall) have the option to create
new Dates items, but it does have the option to tap an item and have it
shown in the Dates application. The only real issue I had with DateSum,
other than the buttonbar issue, was that when you tap an item to access
Dates, there is a LOUD chime sound, with no preference available to turn
off or change the volume independently of the system volume.

>4. Does anybody know an application or dates replacement that is able to
>have a 2 weeks overview? All the apps tried so far, are either 1 week or 1

 - Don

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