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From: Dr. Thomas Isenbarger (
Date: Sun Nov 07 2004 - 09:58:10 PST

On Nov 7, 2004, at 8:09 AM, Vaguely Radio wrote:

> I haven't played with it, but this might be an excellent occasion to
> augment with Adam Tow's "Soybo" program, which I understand is capable
> of making iTunes available as a web service. That way you're not
> subjected to whatever happens to be streaming at the time, but can
> actually select the song to play using an iTunes controller. I could
> be wrong as I've never used it but it might be something to play with -
> less "internet radio" and more "audio-on-demand".
> -Dan

I have tried to set this up at home. Setting it up takes some time and
effort as it deals with some mySQL and PHP stuff, but I did get it up
and running. So far though, it doesn't support connecting from a
Newton. Adam is aware of the problem with Newtons, but I don't know if
it's been addressed yet. I haven't checked the Soybo site in a bit,
but previously it didn't look like much was being done with it.

I have been using newtVNC to control my computer's iTunes. . .except
lately when I connect via VNC, the desktop drops its audio out to the
stereo through a Griffin iMic, so it doesn't really help me now!


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