[NTLK] Names App 'Missing'

From: Don V. Zahniser (irntooth_at_eznet.net)
Date: Mon Nov 08 2004 - 02:29:29 PST

Hi, All -

I have a problem that I need some guidance on:

Last night, I tried to open the Names app on my MP130 using the Names
button, and got an error (-48204, which according to the DB on UNNA is
'Path failed'). Every way that I have to access a name provides the same
error. If I do a Find with a name that I know is in my Newton, using
'Everywhere', the name is found, but the Names app won't open (same
error). If I specify to search in Names, I get a message "An error
occurred trying to display the found item".

I also can't create a new entry in Names from HyperNewt (same error
message), and I can't access a name that I hyperlinked.

In Extras, under "All Icons", the Names application does not appear.
Isn't it a built-in? I still have a 'Names' listing under Storage.

I need some guidance on corrective actions to get the Names application
back! I have a fairly recent back-up, and if necessary could delete out
the Names storage item and download from Palm Desktop.


Thanks in advance...

 - Don

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