Re: [NTLK] Names App 'Missing'

From: Woody Smith (
Date: Mon Nov 08 2004 - 15:41:52 PST

I would do a full backup. remove any cards that you have inserted.
Then do a brainwipe, press the reset button while holding the power
switch on, a dialog window will open asking if you want to erase all
info. agree then a confirmation window will appear agree again. This
will set it back to factory settings plus any system updates you have
once it has restarted, restore all information and packages except
names. Restore names from a previous backup, hopefully it isn't too

If this sounds too radical, search the archives for 'names soup'.
Maybe someone else with experience with this problem will speak up

Good luck


On Nov 8, 2004, at 4:29 AM, Don V. Zahniser wrote:

> Hi, All -
> I have a problem that I need some guidance on:
> Last night, I tried to open the Names app on my MP130 using the Names
> button, and got an error (-48204, which according to the DB on UNNA is
> 'Path failed'). Every way that I have to access a name provides the
> same
> error. If I do a Find with a name that I know is in my Newton, using
> 'Everywhere', the name is found, but the Names app won't open (same
> error). If I specify to search in Names, I get a message "An error
> occurred trying to display the found item".

> I need some guidance on corrective actions to get the Names application
> back! I have a fairly recent back-up, and if necessary could delete out
> the Names storage item and download from Palm Desktop.
> Help?
> Thanks in advance...
> - Don

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