[NTLK] Wireless Help...

From: Huxley Dunsany (huckdunsany_at_mac.com)
Date: Mon Nov 08 2004 - 08:14:02 PST

Hi folks!

Last night, I started a thread regarding some RAM modules I have to
trade ("Wanna Trade?"), and in my message I mentioned the problems I've
been having with my new Newton 2100 and a Lucent WaveLAN Bronze card.
  When I bought my Newt 2100, I also picked up a pair of Lucent WaveLAN
Bronze cards, neither of which have been able to reliably or
consistently connect to my AirPort network. At best, I'm able to
connect for a few minutes, but usually my attempts to connect stall
after I'm assigned an IP address and I get stuck at "Looking Up
Address", followed by a message reading "No response from your current
DNS server. Check your internet connection or contact the server
administrator". If I specifiy the SSID of my Airport network
("airport", in this case), it will stall at the "Loading the DHCP
Protocol..." message, and then give a -60088 error. Arrgh!
I was tinkering with the settings of my AirPort Extreme basestation
last night, and the Newt was again able to connect... for about 20
minutes. The batteries were getting low, so I called it a night and
hit the sack, and now this morning it's having the same problems, where
it stalls at "Looking up Address". Sigh. So close, and yet so far

Any ideas? I'd sure love to be (consistantly!) surfing the Web,


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