[NTLK] Proxy ebay bidder needed -- quickly

From: Clinton Crawford (crackerscat_at_yahoo.com)
Date: Mon Nov 08 2004 - 11:35:20 PST


I need a proxy bidder for:

it's a relist, I bought it now two weeks ago, and sent
payment the same night. Seller would not send because
my paypal account is unverified, and my work address
is unconfirmed. I'll be hanged if I give my chequing
account information to a service like paypal, so I am
not getting verified. needless to say, she relisted
the item and returned the money she had from me.

I would be willing to pay with the funds in my paypal
account that she returned, or by money order, cheque,
or whatever. you would have the item shipped to you,
wait for my funds to clear, (including me paying
shipping from you to me) and then once everybody has
their money, send the item

I would really appreciate if someone could do this for
me, since I am now not allowed to bid on the item.

buy it now is fine, since that is what I payed to
begin with.

you can contact me by emailing:


or call me at 310-483-6187

would appreciate any help anyone can offer.


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