Re: [NTLK] To ALL Newton Buyers FROM Macs R Us Computers, Inc.

From: Alex Santos 100MB Neostrada Mail (
Date: Wed Nov 10 2004 - 05:48:36 PST


Don't take this the wrong way, I mean I really don't know your day to
day routine but I just wanted to give you some friendly advice.

Organize yourself, so people don't receive the wrong package, maybe
that's why you have a few bad reviews.

It's one thing to care about Newton and yes that is cool, after all
it's a nice little unit, and people have a special place in their
hearts for the green machine, but you must be as organized as possible
to avoid misinterpretations.

I think you are aware that all of us here are very happy with your
concerns, we do appreciate it. It is nice to have you here, playing a
role in our community. The caring is certainly welcome.

As I said, organization of your day to day business routines and the
care you have combined WILL bring you a lot of success and good

Hopefully one day, you can be someone well respected like Frank
Gruendel and others here who play an extremely important role in our
community. I think you can.

Keep up the good work, the spirit and the responsive helpful,
accommodating attitude and you will go far indeed.

Thanks for your time.


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