Re: [NTLK] To ALL Newton Buyers FROM Macs R Us Computers, Inc.

From: Alex Santos 100MB Neostrada Mail (
Date: Wed Nov 10 2004 - 05:59:28 PST

Mark I hope you have changed your email address.

Remember in this virtaul world we partly live in, an email address
poses as your REAL address, it must be up to date. MUST.

Imagine mailing a company at 123 ABC Street, only to realize they don't
operate there.

I hope you can understand people's frustration. It will continue to be
problematic for you and your customers until you fix this. If customers
can not reach you after the delivery and they absolutely need to, then
you may in for some unwanted surprises.

I hope this helps.

Actually someone on this thread already left instructions on how to do
this so what more can you ask for : )


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