[NTLK] Newton Leadership -- Is there such a thing?

From: MKow1234_at_aol.com
Date: Wed Nov 10 2004 - 16:48:50 PST

Hello Everybody,
Here is what I feel to be a thought-provoking topic:

* Does the Newton Worldwide Community have any kind of leadership hierarchy?

* If a leadership hierarchy exists, do they actually perform any duties?
Who are they? Where are they? Why don't we hear from them?

* Why don't they launch any initiatives to foster new development work?

* Why isn't there some kind of newsletter issued from the Newton
powers-that-be from time to time, so the rest of us will know what is going on?

Here's who I tend to think of when I hear the words "leadership" and "Newton"
used together:

* Victor Rehorst, of course, because without him, we would not have the
Newtontalk bulletin board and the ongoing maintenance of the UNNA archives.

* David Humphreys, without whom we would not see continual hardware support
for memory expansion modules, serial ports, etc.

* Frank (the German developer guy), without whom we would not have hardware
support in Europe.

* Eckart, Hiroshi, Paul Guyot, and others who worked hard to develop
hardware hacks that helped to make the Newton relevant and innovative, even in the
Twenty-first Century.

* DJ Volkasko, for his hard work and dedication to the growth of the Newton
eBook library archives. I'm chasing you, buddy!

* The far too few developers out there who continue to develop and support
their Newton software. I know some of you by name, but many are unsung heros
today. I thank you for your efforts.

* The people who continue to organize Newton User Groups in their parts of
the world, to help disseminate Newton hardware and software knowledge. Thank

* The brave few who dare to learn the basics of Newton programing, in hopes
that they too may one day contribute innovative new software tools for the
platform. I admire your courage and tenacity.

*** NOTE: There are other people within the Newton Community who call
themselves "leaders", yet THEY DO NOT LEAD! Don't let their idiocy and complacency
hold you back from making an impact within the Community! ***


Matt K.

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