Re: [NTLK] Whats wrong with the "Knowledge-Navigator"?..

From: Jeff Henry (
Date: Wed Nov 10 2004 - 20:57:08 PST

> After my recent inqurey about a picture they used, I
> have heard MANY negitve things about them, but I do
> not know what is wrong with them and why eveyone has a
> bad view on them, can someone tell my why?... They
> have some neat Newton stuff, so I do not know...
> Should I not reccomend that my customers ask them if
> we don't have what they are looking for?... OR are
> they good?... And ideas?...

I will say that from what I have seen he has one good product the emate
replacement cable. He caused quite a stir a while back with his version of
the SER001. I think that basically he stole pcbmans design and remarketed it
to sell himself. I have never bought anything from him so I can not say how
he does business but there have been many complaints about him on this list
just do a search for ferdi and I am sure you will see many many things about
him. I do find it funny that his "color" newton which is a one of a kind
(which I think that you may have bought one of them) keeps making its way
back on ebay as a "one of a kind" newton. I think that we are up to maybe 3
or 4 "one of a kind" newtons now that are the same.
Anyway thats my observations on this subject take it however you want.

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