Re: [NTLK] Whats wrong with the "Knowledge-Navigator"?..

From: RAParker (
Date: Wed Nov 10 2004 - 21:03:59 PST

--- Mark Jozaitis <> wrote:

> After my recent inqurey about a picture they used, I
> have heard MANY negitve things about them, but I do
> not know what is wrong with them and why eveyone has a
> bad view on them, can someone tell my why?...

eBay, in and of itself, implies a certain amount of risk. You are
buying sight unseen from what is, essentially, a complete stranger. But
you don't have to do it totally blind. There are tell-tale pieces of
information available to you to help you decide, whether you can trust
an individual or not. Hence the feedback system.

Once you read the negative comments people have left for
"KnowledgeNavigator" and then you read the negative comments he has
left for others. You have to ask yourself, "Do I feel lucky?" "Is it
worth it?" "Can I accept the risk?"

I've personally have not had any direct experience with "Knowledge
Navigator" but would probably choose not to in the first place. Too
much risk. I value my 100% positive feedback too much to place it at
risk on a good deal from an inconsiderate idiot.

Macsruscomputers on the other hand, I would recommend solely on the
fact that your feedback says, "I'm not an idiot". I've been watching
some of your auctions and they seem honest, accurately described, and
fairly priced.

Sorry you had that unfortunate shipping confusion and I hope you will
make all your new friends happy. BTW...showing up on the list when you
did was probably a good thing, it was getting a little weird...being
that I recommended you earlier in those threads. I would believe that
anyone who sells Newtons equiptment on eBay needs to be listening to
NewtonTalk, or it means they just don't care.

Just my 2 cents...but I think you care...



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