Re: [NTLK] Wow it's just keeps getting better!

From: Nick M. (
Date: Wed Nov 10 2004 - 21:41:19 PST

Tony Kan <> wrote:

> I was lent a Pocket PC HP iPAQ H3600 series Agency series PE2030 by a
> friend.
> I've had it for a day and I was quite disappointed in its usability. =A0I=
> rudimentary HWR was similar to a Palm Pilot with an input bar divided int=
> three parts for uppercase, lower case letters and numbers. =A0It's strang=
> writing characters on top of one another.
> This doesn't mean that one can't write all over the screen, you can, but =
> is only saved as ink text.
> It took a while to fill out a task and a contact.
> Screen was easier to read than on a Newton and the connectivity with Outl=
> is a lot easier but then it only had a couple of items to shift across.
> Sometimes one can take for granted the usability of the NOS GUI.

I have an iPaq 5450 and I actually love it (being an m$ hater and
all.) The screen is excellent (nice & bright) and proc is fast and
the size and form factor I like a lot. It's also great with games - I
have an Atari VCS & NES emulator installed. Also the best part is that
Celeris ported Virtual Pool to it, so now I can play pool wherever I
want (-:

In terms of text-entry though, it *is* lacking. While Transcriber is
pretty good at recognizing my handwriting, the screen is too small to
write comfortably, the pen is too small and editing is akward at best.
(A member here once said, "I want a real pen, not a toothpick.")

I use my Newton the most, then the iPaq. My Tungsten C gets used the
least (most likely will sell it.)


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