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From: James Wages (
Date: Thu Nov 11 2004 - 17:15:33 PST

On 11/11/04 8:08 PM, Mark Jozaitis <> wrote:
> I have heard MANY negitve things about them, but I do
> not know what is wrong with them and why eveyone has a
> bad view on them, can someone tell my why?

The very asking of this question implies that prior threads on this subject
have not been read and that inquiries have not been sent to

First of all, this is a one-man show from what I can see, so "him" rather
than "them" would more accurate.

Next, this person is terse, unfriendly and even told me flat out he was
growing weary of answering my questions about his $300 Newton auction after
a couple exchanges.

Thirdly, he puts many of his auctions up in a way that deceives potential
buyers. For example, he claims the merchandise is in the UK when in fact it
will ship from his home in Canada. He told me he does this so his auctions
will appear in EBAY UK. I considered that very fishy and was prompted to
forewarn another EBAY bidder about this fact. I saw the next day that the
bidder I contacted had retracted their bid. So it is not just I who feel
this way about the seller.

As others have pointed out, buying on EBAY is risky unless you do your
homework. Read the negatives and consider well before you buy. No doubt,
some among us have purchased items from this Canadian seller and rave about
their experience because they had no problems. But that alone should not
immediately nullify all negative feedback. I myself will ignore negative
feedback if it appears frivilous, or has profanity in it, or appears to be
from someone with a room-temperature IQ. But from all I have seen and
experienced firsthand, this seller is one to either avoid totally or be
very, very cautious with.

All of us in this forum are more interested in positive dialog about our
Newtons, not negative dialog about sellers. Nevertheless, for the sake of
ending deception on EBAY Newton merchandise, it is prudent for us to reveal
all the facts about fishy sellers from time to time, including Mr. Knowledge

I hope this helps would-be buyers.


James Wages

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